Put them all together and you get...

One of my favorite haunts is the scrapyard. There's a never-ending supply of brass & aluminum to feed my need to make windchimes, suncatchers, clocks and spinners.

Another adventure is the local recycling center where I have my pick of all sizes and shapes of colored glass bottles. These beauties will have a second life as vases & spirit bottles.

Crystals, rocks or stones...whatever you call them, they're beautiful! 

From Agate to Zebra Jasper, I love the variety of colors and textures.

My humble pliers & miles & miles of solid copper magnet wire (copper with a enamel coating that's normally found in alternators or air conditioners). Together, they are a powerful creative force!

Marbles , marbles & more marbles...

usually 30 or so colors in stock @ 2500 marbles per box

(insert joke about losing one's marbles here).

Garage sales & auctions &

thrift stores, oh my!

An excellent source of vintage telephone insulators for candleholders and picture frame glass for candle plates.